Massage Therapy T shirts Under $20

Looking for that perfect gift for the massage therapist in your life? Then check out these fun and simple massage therapy inspired T shirts. Each massage shirt was made by a massage therapist for massage therapist.

We are corky colorful people and I wanted to represent that here. New designs are added weekly so check back often as more massage shirts are made available. Each massage shirt is available in a variety of colors, simple click on one you like for more information.

Please note, shirts do run small so order one size larger then normal to be on the safe side. Shirts are sold through Amazon, they are not eligible for Prime but you will receive them in 5-7 days. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you have a request for a specific design please send me a message and I will work with you to create the best massage therapy shirt that represents you!

Massage Therapy clothing

If we want our clients to be modest and respectful than we need to be modest and respectful. If you do not want your clients to show you their body then do not show them yours. We maintain modest draping during massage and we should be modestly dressed. 

Avoid clothing that outlines and reveals your body such as yoga/stretch/ leggings pants, tight sleeveless low cut shirts. shorts. Males and females—best to wear gender neutral loose full length pants and tops with a crew neck T-shirt underneath and shoes and socks. Grounding occurs when we are focused on the client NOT when we are in bare feet.

In our industry it is crucial that we present ourselves in a professional manner. If you work for someone and you have a set uniform that makes life so much easier. When I started my own massage business I was so excited to wear whatever I wanted but I quickly learned I didn’t like making clothing decisions everyday.Depending on the day I will either wear my polo or one of my many massage T shirts.